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a mindful way of being that is infused with freshness, vitality and a deep sense of “Svasta,” the Sanskrit word for “healthy” and which translates to “being established in yourself.”
Spokane Reiki Master TeacherHailey Arsenault is a Reiki Master|Teacher|Intuitive Crystal Healer.  She is on a mission to hold a safe space with love and understanding for those who are ready to flourish, to summon their higher selves and to ascend on their healing journey.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, she developed an insatiable craving for nature and discovering the intrinsic flow that breathes life into all creation.  We each have that same life force within us and have the power to heal ourselves.

Hailey continues her constant fascination with life’s transformative beauty, through her energy healing sessions, and through teaching crystal healing classes.  She is honored to witness empowerment taking root, and grateful for her journey with each of you.

Throughout her whole life, Hailey deeply felt the world’s need for healing due to experiencing psychic abilities from a young age, and initiated her mission to serve in 2013.  After opening a consciously-curated rock shop and attaining numerous certifications on healing and crystals, her journey as a healer began in 2015.  A lifetime student, she has been expanding her skillset and offerings ever since.
After 8 years of facilitating crystal adoptions, teaching classes and witnessing profound healings, Hailey considers it an absolute honor to walk alongside you on your sacred journey.  Thank you for reading, may your miracles be transcendent and plenty. ॐ

“You were born to thrive and flourish. You deserve to conquer your wildest dreams. Believe in yourself, because I do.” -Hailey Arsenault


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