Who we are

About us

After years of procuring the most exotic treasures on the planet, the opportunity of finding these delightful stones loving homes is an absolute honor.  Thank you for helping us spread the crystal love since 2014. May your miracles be transcendent and your crystal legacies be a’plenty.

Our Story

” It all started growing up in the Pacific Northwest. We acquired an insatiable craving for mother nature and witnessing the intrinsic flow that gives it life.  Each of us have that same life force and we’re on a mission to make that flourish. We are grateful for the miracle of opening our eyes every. single. morning, and try to give back as much as we can!  We have two “fur bosses” – a Norweigan forest cat healer and a sweet german shepherd. Mama nature has protected us, nourished us, and is our great passion in life, along with music. We view community as a sacred gift, and love meeting new people  – please, don’t hesitate to reach out!! “


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