Lemurian Light Quartz

Truly stunning needle quartz cluster from rare locality Santander, Colombia. Prized as some of the most premiere quartz on this planet, these glittering pieces speak for themselves! Featuring water-clear “Singing Quartz” points, Lemurian seed etchings, and a solid crystal base with no mineral matrix. Pristine condition, spans 5 inches and simply glows, photos could not even do it justice. Collector’s paradise, and the only one of this size and this low of price on the internet.

Why are these particular Lemurians so unique? Known as the Light Lemurian Seeds or Light Blades, lore holds these rare pieces as the some of the very highest vibrating stones in the world. This locality delivers pieces with several high vibration qualities (usually unseen all within one stone) : singing quartz, silver quartz, laser quartz, optical quartz, lemurian seeds, and a pure crystalline base off which it grows. Healers covet these pieces for their ability to blast through tough situations with light. Beloved for their cleansing energies, these stones are known to cleanse everything around them, the body, spirit and even other stones in the vicinity. These stones know only light and are said to create strong crystal-elixirs, help the practitioner remain emotionally detached for the highest healing to take place, and for speedy recovery to the immune and respiratory systems. A keen addition to any collector or healer’s arsenal, and even more stunning in person.

5 x 2.2 x 3.3”
181 grams
Santander, Colombia

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Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 5 × 2 in


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