|| RARE “Exotic” Euphoralite Crystal Tower | POWERFUL Red Dragon + Earth Euphoralite combo ||

Stunning rare formation of Euphoralite, featuring splashes of chunky green, rivers of peach, and shimmering flecks of mica and gold. The inclusions sparkle in the sun.

The mine owner had warned that the “Earth Euphoralite” won’t be available much longer, he had only found a small amount of it and it will be assuredly mined out before next year. Among the small set of Earth Euphoralites he had, a few had additional minerals and properties. This particular piece is not only a Earth Euphoralite on top, but fades to a Red Dragon Euphoralite at the base, which makes this combo a rare “Exotic Euphoralite,” as the mine owner dubs them. In a class of their own, Exotic Euphoralites are typically more concentrated with crystalline chunks, have a broader variety of compounds and are very powerful rare healers!

Euphoralite is incredibly unique. Aaron Cooper found that these minerals emit an unnaturally powerful source of negative ions that can move frequency into the human bio-field. In short, these stones can directly improve wellness and health. Which is why this mine’s owner boasts that his most frequent customers are hospitals, and they rave about the improvements. These stones are sourced directly from a mine on sacred ground, called the Sacred Center of Mother Earth by indigenous tribes. Even more astonishing is how unique the mineral combinations are. Just one euphoralite stone can contain any of the following 40 healing minerals:

Albite, Almandine, Amblygonite, Augelite, Beryl, Bismuth, Cassitenite, Columbite, Elbite, Fairfieldite, Feldspars, Flourapatite, Foutmanierite, Greenockite, Gold, Ilmenite, Jahnsite, Kosolite, Lepidolite, Lollingite, Microline, Montebrasite, Moonstone, Muscovite Mica, Quartz, Rubellite, Schorl, Sicklerite, Sphalerite, Silver, Spodumene, Starolite, Tantalite, up to 5 different types of Tourmaline, Triphylite, Verdelite, and Zircon.

This particular variety of Euphoralite is dubbed “Exotic” Euphoralite, and is considered a specimen with a great negative ion count. Some beholders even report a tingling sensation when touching it!

This stunning piece would make a potent addition to any healing project or private collection.

1.4 x .8″
32 grams



Thanking YOU, many blessings!
– Juicy Gems Trading Co.


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