|| Balinese Carved Teak Buddha Hands ||

Set the vibe with a blessed set of teak Balinese Buddha hands infused with love. Featuring a high quality sustainable teak wood with tropical hues that just won’t quit. Only fair wages and ethical practices went into the making of these pieces.

This is not just art or a bowl, but is actually intended as a talisman: this design is fashioned after the Varada Mudra which is used to give blessings in the Buddhist culture. A prefect container for treasures or a keen vessel for magic!

Ready to ship immediately. Please expect differences due to their hand-crafted nature, these one-of-a-kind items may slightly differ from piece to piece.


|| T R A D I T I O N S || . . . Hand-crafted teak creations were not just an extension of one’s spirit, but also a blessing to others’ spirits. An earth-bound way to co-create with mother gaia: something practical, yet utterly brilliant with all the rich hues of the fauna they were lovingly cut from.

~~Balinese wood culture all began with an intention. Hand-crafted protection talismans or omens of good fortune would bless these ancient peoples. These were declarations of hope and what we wished for our communities.

When you buy these lovingly-made pieces, know that our Balinese friends infused them with blessings of good luck and abundance.

The Varada mudra (favorable mudra) signifies offering, welcome, charity, giving, compassion and sincerity.

Ethically & sustainably made in Bali. Thank you for supporting ethical|sustainable practices!


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