Lavender + Sage Smudge

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|| Lavender Smudge Wand Δ Sage Stick Blend of 5 ||

Set the vibe with this amazing smelling decked-out Lavender, White Sage smudge bouquet. Featuring a high quality fragrant lavender blend that just won't quit.

Our smooth-burning bundles are assembled meticulously for an ultra long burn-life, and an even burn temp.

Fresh flora all harvested by hand,
from pesticide-f r e e,
chemical-f r e e natural garden.

Lavandula Angustifolia, Salvia Apiana, Cedrus, Artemisia Tridentata, Copal

Ready to ship immediately. These one-of-a-kind items may slightly differ from photos.


|| T R A D I T I O N S || . . . span back almost as far as the galaxies themselves. A feeling of disharmony would settle into an abode, and our ancestors would get to work, resetting the energy. Popping sparks foreshadowed the changes about to occur, as the ceremonious fire would be lit. Sacred plants lovingly grown with intention sparked to life. The alchemy would begin to roll through on the waves of sumptuous smoke. Unwanted energy would be carried out with the smoke, leaving pure, aromatic air. ~~

Only now does science realize that these plant resins can vibrate 12× faster than the human body, and they can scientifically "entrain" the cells within our bodies to run at a healthier frequency. We later, further realize that white sage smoke can antibacterialize the air in a room and help prevent airborne illness. These magical plants truly are a scientific wonder.


F I V E ☆ S T A R ☆ B L E N D
F O L K L O R E :

LAVENDER < WHITE SAGE < CEDAR < COPAL <<calming, protective, clearing


*** disclaimer: While purifying spaces with sacred smoke is a tradition as old as time, mistakes can happen. Please use common sense and be safe.
We are in no way liable for anything that results from the use, misuse or ownership of this product; including but not limited to liabilities for fire damages.