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sacred healing for the mind + body + spirit

relax & MELT

into  the  Luxe  Heated  Healing  Mat

Experience a tranquil setting geared towards ultimate relaxation, during a fully customized session that can combine over 8 different energy healing modalities and techniques.

Reiki + Crystal

results-driven transformation
$ 40
  • Angelic & Usui Reiki
  • Intuitive Soul Reading
  • Crystal Healing
  • Chakra Alignment


regeneration of DNA & lightbody
$ 40
  • aligns Body Meridians
  • Ascends Your Energy
  • bonus: Crystal Healing

Reiki Healing

energy touchup sent to you
$ 30
  • Angelic Reiki
  • Usui Reiki
  • by phone or video chat


Reiki Master Healer

Master Healer | Teacher | Intuitive Crystal Healer, Hailey Arsenault, experienced psychic abilities from a young age, and deeply felt the world’s need for healing! She initiated her mission to serve in 2013 and has numerous healing certifications to enrich the process.

what to expect

Come sit back and relax.
Every session begins with an insightful conversation, followed by a custom session tailored to your specific needs. Hailey combines multiple modalities and lets intuition guide the way for your highest healing.

Energy work is accomplished with “laying of the hands”. As you lay on a massage table fully clothed, Hailey gently touches (or hovers over) your energy points which allows you to release and receive.


about some of the healing services we offer


A hands on energy therapy channeled directly from Source, angels and higher guides that helps clear the auric field from any physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual stagnation.  It is a powerful modality to release unwanted issues that are stuck at the cellular level, reconfiguring strands of our DNA and activating our light body.

Another channeled energy therapy of pure universal life force that allows for the clearing and cleansing of energy that no longer serves us. This highly effective process can sooth emotional trauma and reset energy imbalances that can potentially lead to dis-ease and chronic ailments.


Axiatonal lines are the meridians of energy which flow through the body (the same energy lines that acupuncture targets). When these energy points spin properly, they create a grid for cellular regeneration and draw energy in from the cosmos and mother Earth.

Axiatonal Alignment is a hands on session that re-connects these grids permanently, while you lay and meditatively relax. Clients report improved energy, better sleep, connection to nature, a lighter toxic load in the body, heightened awareness, and enhanced intuitive abilities from these sessions.

Helps harmonize the mind body and spirit from within. Chakras, our major energy points within the body, are assessed, cleared and rebalanced during a relaxing lay-down session.permanently, while you lay and meditatively relax.

Crystal healing

“What you are seeking is already seeking you.”  -Rumi

This psychic reading can depict where a soul is headed and what it can benefit from. This session is channeled by crystals, and is information directly from your soul and higher self. The themes that develop are inspiring, validating to your path, and can help Hailey determine what to focus on during your healing for more profound results.

Our allies from the mineral kingdom are pure forms of manifested divine light that can amplify and cleanse energy. While you lay down (fully clothed) and relax, crystals are gently placed along key energy points on the body. These beings of light get to work potently energizing you for maximum vitality and well-being.

Breaking the sound barrier of “dis-ease” with our large 432hz quartz singing bowl which is scientifically proven to access and recalibrate dna from a quantum level. Every muscle, organ and cell has a frequency-equivalent that can be tuned with sound.

Distance Healing

Relax from home. Healing Reiki can be sent from any distance. The session (usually over skype or phone) begins by connecting to your soul with a recent photo of your face and an insightful dialog. The healing energy will magnetically align with you and transfer over simultaneously during the session so you can energize and re-align from the comfort of your own home.


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